Medical Assistance

Medical Assistance

Should your client require medical assistance, the ISS medical team will liaise straight away with the local treating doctor, to assess and monitor the care being administered to the patient(s).

We will assign a specific support team to your case, to ensure that you are receiving every possible assistance. The health of the patient(s) involved is paramount to us and our appointed partners at all times.

You can trust us to handle each case according to its specific needs and with the utmost discretion, compassion and urgency.

Our Medical Assistance team will provide the following services on request:

  • Updated and regular medical reports
  • Air-ambulance, accompanied by experienced doctors and/or nurses and medical equipment
  • Helicopters
  • Ground ambulances
  • Liaison with state hospitals
  • Admission to private hospitals or clinics
  • Hospitalisation at home and home care
  • Dispatch of medicines
  • Oxygen supply
  • Guarantee of medical expenses
  • Repatriation on scheduled flights.

Our dedicated doctors will remain in close and constant contact, not only with the local medical teams handling your patient's care, but with their own doctors back at home as well. This means that the patient's condition can be monitored closely to ensure they receive the best possible treatment and ongoing care at all times.